Top 8 Websites to Make Money Online

Top 8 Websites to Make Money Online

Top 8 Websites to Make Money Online

Working online is now a well-known profession. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars by sitting at home doing different types of work according to skills. The world's largest companies are working with freelancers through outsourcing projects. These include Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. According to a 2016 study, Bangladesh was then the second-largest freelancer community in the world.

In other words, Bangladesh was in the second position as the number of freelancers in the world at that time. India was in the first place. The third United States. Most of these huge numbers of people have started freelancing work through various websites. What are the addresses of those websites? Want to know?

In this post, we are discussing 6 of the most popular online income earning websites.

List of the best sites to make money on the Internet

1. Upwork -

Which is the most popular freelancing site in the world? At least I think the answer would be 'upwork'. It first started activities called Odesk. In 2015, the site was renamed Odesk to Upwork. Then another popular freelancing platform ‘Elance’ merged with Upwork.

Upwork offers fixed and hourly rates. PayPal, Pioneer, and bank transfer methods are available to withdraw money from here. Check out this post to know the details of making money online through Upwork.

2. Fiverr -

Projects with good amounts starting from ৫ 5 are posted on Fiverr. Fiverr is very popular for logo design, voice recording, article writing, etc. Buyers can also search for freelancers and offer projects on this site. Everything in Fiverr is a fixed price project (no hourly job has come to Fiverr yet). You can use PayPal, Pioneer, and bank transfer methods to withdraw the money earned from Fiverr.

3. - is one of the foremost online-based job marketplaces, where fixed price and hourly rate projects are available. There are lots of online jobs and lots of freelancers. The company is headquartered in Australia. There are PayPal, Skrill, Pioneer, and bank transfer systems to withdraw the money earned by working on projects obtained from

4. People Per Hour -

People Per Hour based in London, UK is one of the most popular sites for earning money online. Projects are available here at a fixed price and hourly rate. You can use PayPal, Skrill, Pioneer, and bank transfer methods to withdraw the money earned from People Per Hour.

5. Nineteen Designs -

If you are a freelance designer, 99 Designs can be a great place for you to work. Here buyers from different parts of the world offer projects and have logos, websites, and other graphic designs by professional designers.

You can use Pioneer and PayPal to withdraw your earnings from 99 Designs. 99 Designs is a San Francisco-based multinational company best known for its online designs.

6. - is an American freelancing site where both fixed price and hourly projects are available. You can use PayPal, Pioneer, and bank transfer methods to withdraw money from

7. -

Belancer is a Bangladeshi freelancing platform where a variety of local projects are available. Belancer also plans to bring in clients and freelancers from outside the country. also comes with many large amounts of projects starting from micro-size (Rs. 100) projects. Currently, there are only fixed price jobs here. If you want you can start your freelancing career by registering with Belancer.

You can collect the money earned through Belancer through bank transfer, bKash, or directly at the Belancer's office.

If you are interested in working online, we hope you find this post useful. Read this post to know how to become a successful freelancer. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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