SEO Website domain

SEO Website domain

SEO Website domain

If you are thinking of doing business on the Internet, you must first think about the domain name of your website. Before you choose a domain name, you should consider the following:

1. Who will be your target audience?

2. What do you want to sell to them and is it a real thing, not just text content?

3. What makes your business idea unique or different, even though there are already plenty of them on the market?

Many people think that it is important to have a keyword in the domain. These keywords are usually important in domain names, but this idea usually comes in handy if the domain name is short, memorable, and free of hyphens.

Using the desired keywords in your domain name gives you the added benefit of competing with your competitors. If you have a keyword in your domain name, the click rate of the Search engine also increases.

Refrain from buying long and confusing domain names. Many people separate the words used in their domain names using dashes or hyphens. In the past, the domain name itself used to be a significant ranking factor, but now Search engines have improved features and it is no longer as important as before.

Put two or three words in your domain name to make it easier to remember. Some notable websites are known to everyone as the best brands by creating their own words. E.g. eBay, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

As soon as you tell someone your domain name over the telephone, they can easily guess what the spelling will be, and they will be able to guess what you sell through it. Buy such a domain name

Important advice:

Finally, you will be able to answer the following questions:

1. Why do you want to build your website?

2. Why would people buy from your site rather than from someone else's site? Or visit your site without visiting other people's sites?

3. What sets you apart from others?

4. Who is your target audience and what are you planning to sell to them?

5. Make a list of 10-15 great websites and think about why they are great.

6. Create 5 different domain names. Make at least 1 of them more fun. Say these things to strangers and notice which domain is most memorable to them. If people don't know you beforehand, you'll get your desired feedback from them.

7. Buy your domain name by keeping it attractive, memorable, and relevant to your business.


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