About Us

About us

Onlylearn24 Academy was established in 2020 in Dhaka in the hope of providing a service training and building a digital Bangladesh under the country's leading IT to institute onlylearn24 IT. Since its inception, onlylearn24 Academy has been providing various training and services for free online and offline with utmost efficiency, most notably: Logo Design, PSD Design, Graphics Design, Web Design, WordPress Theme Development, Responsive Web Design, Web Development, Web Apps Development. Android Apps Development.

With the training, the students have been able to establish themselves as skilled programmers and designers in various IT companies. Some have chosen outsourcing and freelancing as their profession, earning foreign exchange.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, etc. on web design and development on the onlylearn24 Academy website to protect education from trade and provide free services to take education to the forefront and take Bangladesh forward with the touch of technology as well as programming fears. Explained very simply with PHP, SQL, C programming, Python tutorial references. Besides, a combination of Bengali rich blogs and forums is currently working on publishing other tutorials at an admirable level with emphasis on readers' requests.

Computer education as well as programming education is essential to build a digital Bangladesh. The government has taken various steps to digitalize Bangladesh by 2021. Following this, onlylearn24 Academy is providing free training to realize the dream of Digital Bangladesh.

Our goal is to provide simple education in a simple and easy way with the aim of developing Bangladesh with the touch of technology.